EMO Hannover The world of metalworking

The world of metalworking

We present our new product range at the EMO Hannover 2019. Get your ticket now. We are looking forward to your visit.


● Machine tools for cutting, splitting and milling
● Sheet metal, wire and tube working machines, metal forming machine tools
● Machine tools for thermal, electro-chemical and other processes
● Surface finishing technology, thin-film processes
● Software for entire manufacturing technology area
● Control systems
● Components for flexible automation
● Quality management systems
● Robotics and automation
● Material flow and storage technology
● Industrial electronics, sensor and diagnostic technology
● Precision tools, diamond tools, measuring tools
● Metal forming machine tools
● Machines and systems for tool and mould construction, rapid prototyping, model construction
● Instrumentation and control technology
● Coolants, lubricants
● Welding, cutting, hardening, heating
● Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories for manufacturing technology


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