MAPAL Clamping devices with HSK-T

The HSK interface established itself worldwide in the area of rotating tools (used for milling, reaming, drilling, etc.) and is considered as the interface with the maximum precision.

Up to now it had only conditionally been possible to use the HSK in the area of non-rotating tools (=turning tools). An exakt height of the cutting edges of angular tools and also tools with large F dimensions was very hard to achieve due to the large clearance of the drive keys. Here systems such as the VDI surface are used commonly.

However, there is a very strong trend to operate non-rotating and rotating tools on the same machine in order to save investment cost (e.g. so-called turning milling centres). Of course, it is obvious to equip both the rotating tools in the spindle and the non-rotating tools on the revolver or on stationary units with the same interface.

As mentioned, until today the HSK was excluded for this. First in Japan and since mid 2008 also actively in Germany the "HSK-T Project" (T = turning) is being pushed.

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